I have been showing around my beautiful city, San Sebastian, from a classical, historical and picturesque point of view for years now and I always had that idea in my head…

What if I could show San Sebastian from a different angle, a less “touristy” one for all that people that want to know more about the city?

A cultural activity that already exists in bigger cities where I have lived and that was missing in mine.

So, the passion for my city met curiosity, the idea took shape and OH MY WALK! was born.


We share the same point of view, passion and curiosity for San Sebastian which has made us work together to prepare OH MY WALK! ‘s Walking Tours.

For our first Walking tour “Hidden San Sebastian”, we took advantage of the knowledge of these two gentlemen, Donosstiaoculta and Donostiando, which are two important cultural social media influencers in everything related to San Sebastian and its historical curiosities.

In the making of our new Walking tour “Dark San Sebastian” we added a new member to the team of advisors, “Comedurasdetarro” who is one of the most prominent historical experts in the San Sebastian history of the XIX and XX centuries, the darkest years for our city.

We have enjoyed working together to put in place each historical detail, curiosity and story that we have been able to collect through extensive research hours. We hope you will enjoy the result!

We wanted to complete the content of our new walk with interesting photographic material of the selected period. No one better than her to advise us on the matter, Mariona Tella who has been collecting during years old and impressive photos of San Sebastian in her site SAN SEBASTIAN DESPARECIDA. We asked her to join us in the preparation of our new walk and without hesitation she said yes!

The passion for our city came back to join us and together with our previous collaborators “Donostiando” , “Comeduras de Tarro” and the recent acquisition “San Sebastian Desparecida” we have created our new walk for you: Belle Epoque San Sebastian.



    By offering documented tours, valid references and a research work behind each Walking tour offered. Seeking Excellence.


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The approach behind the concept of OH MY WALK! Is the passion for the city, which is transmitted by offering an experience to discover San Sebastian as a city full of details, modern and also full of tradition.

The characteristic tile you will find in San Sebastian’s streets has inspired us to shape our OH MY WALK! Logo, as the key element present in all our walks around the city.

San Sebastian is a diversified city which changes constantly offering much more than some nice scenic pictures. OH MY WALK! will walk you through this diversity, reason why our logo evolves with the city by changing into all the key features that San Sebastian hides.