New Walking Tour – Maritime San Sebastian


2 years OMW

We can’t believe it!

We started our adventure as provider of walking tours in San Sebastian two years ago now!

Where has time gone?!

As any other business, we were obviously hoping for the best but could never imagine what the future had in store for us!

Today, two years later, we can confidently say that all that “goodness” we were hoping for is far surpassing our initial expectations!

The city of San Sebastian has welcomed our guided tours with open arms!

Locals and visitors to the city have taken to our idea with enthusiasm!

Olatu talka 2018-OMW

We are extremely pleased to say that all our customers are very happy with every single one of our tours.

They love to go beyond the superficial information they find on the net or on guide books and learn about the essence of this wonderful city.

A city that treasures its history while adapting to the modern demands of the XXI Century.

A city that continues to retain the magic of that charming fishing village and port born in the middle ages while becoming one the most attractive tourist destinations in the planet.

So, thank you everyone!

Thank you for having embraced Oh My Walk!’s guided tours of San Sebastian!

Thank you for wanting to dig a lot deeper to find out the true essence of this gem!

Thank you for spreading the word and recommending our walking tours of San Sebastian to family and friends!

We can’t wait to continue creating new routes for you!

Routes that unveil all the secrets behind San Sebastian’s social history!

Routes that take you beyond the touristy and into the stories that weaved San Sebastian’s past.

Untold stories that will fascinate you and give you a window to the heart and soul of our city.

Stories like the ones we share in our new route: Maritime San Sebastian.

Keep reading to find out more about it!


Maritime San Sebastian – the untold stories of San Sebastian’s origins

Maritime San Sebastian

Why Maritime San Sebastian?

The charming old fishing village and port where it all began.

The place that sustained the developing city’s economy through the centuries

One could say that the Port of San Sebastian, or the «Jarana» neighbourhood – as locals call it – , is the heart and soul of the city.

Where sailors, whalers, bandits and heroes met in the old taverns weaving their stories and leaving a footprint that lasted through the centuries.

And while today there’s not a lot left of the original fishing village – just a few rustic homes, a few boats and a marina – if you dig a little deeper, like we like to do, you can still feel the maritime history and atmosphere in every corner.

So, that’s why our walking tour Maritime San Sebastian :-)

For 90 minutes Maritime San Sebastian will take you back in time to that somewhat rugged old medieval port to learn about the stories that unfolded and the secrets that were kept.

Walking in San Sebastian’s Old Port.

A time you’ll share with our very informed guides that will paint a very clear picture of that original settlement and its evolution over time.

You’ll learn about the special bond San Sebastian has with the sea.

About old traditions and secrets.

About friends and foes.

And about the role played by those that history books have forgotten.

Located to at the foot of Monte Urgull, you’ll love walking through the streets of San Sebastian’s old port.

Just doing that, it’s truly magical.

And if you are lucky enough to visit the Old Town from the 12th to the 16th of July, you can’t miss the St Carmen’s Festivities!

The old port comes alive with maritime decorations and day-long parties, games, challenges for the little ones, parades and even tortilla competitions!

An activity worthy of you bucket-list!

To find out more about Oh My Walk!’s new guided route Maritime San Sebastian, visit this link.

Why learning about San Sebastian with Oh My Walk! ?

In the last 2 to 3 years San Sebastian has undergone an important tourist boom.

A boom not unlike the one the city felt during the Belle Epoque at the end of the XIX Century and beginning of the XX.

Royal visit during Belle Epoque in San Sebastian         Photo:

Hotels are being built, tourist flats appear everywhere, restaurants, bars, tourist-oriented activities…

Some of it it’s positive.

Some of it not so much.

At Oh My Walk! we seek to retain the essence of local feeling.

We want to treasure and share San Sebastian beyond all the artifices aimed at mass tourist consumption.

We feel that the soul of the city can be lost.

And we fight to recapture it 365 days of the year!

We want locals to remember the essence of the city and to be able to fall in love all over again with it.

We want visitors who are truly curious about us to discover the stories beyond San Sebastian’s tourist facade.


That’s what makes us different.

We are not a provider of tourist routes.

We are storytellers in love with the city.

We are storytellers who like to share the inner most secrets of our cities with locals and visitors who aren’t happy leaving with a superficial knowledge of San Sebastian.

And we’d love to share our stories with you.

Join us in our new route Maritime San Sebastian or in any of the many other walking tours we’ve prepared with a lot of love and great attention to detail.

And keep watching this space!

There’s plenty of new thematic routes and new Pop Up routes coming up your way!

Hope to see you in San Sebastian very soon!