Oh My Walk! The making of

Hello everyone!  This is OH MY WALK calling!

We thought it will be a good idea to share with you, in case you want to know a little bit more about us, how the creation process of our Walks works. A kind of “behind the scenes” of OH MY WALK.

Are you curious? Let’s start!



Our first step is setting the goal for the new Walk. What subjects, that we are curious of knowing about San Sebastian, are we going to cover in the tour? Which are the ‘key words’ that will lead our research on the subject? Which will be the added value of this tour?


As a big project that it is, the creation of a new Walk requires planning. A time to organize all the aspects from the initial brain storming, to the information sources and the control meetings. How long will take each task? Who will be leading the research for the specific subjects? Which experts we will be contacting?


We give a great deal of importance to this step in which we look for relevant information, both historical and modern, about San Sebastian and the subject that has been chosen to develop. Our tools? Extensive reading of specialised bibliography and the use of the selected key words in historical databases.


At this point we will have a lot of information to sift through. Several working sessions will be needed to organize and select the most relevant and interesting stories to be shared in the tour. Who takes part in this process? The experts and collaborators.


Final and crucial step in which the selected stories and relevant facts will be placed at different locations around the city. The tour takes its final shape and we put ourselves in your shoes: Is this Walk an added value to the visit of San Sebastian? Is it walkable in sun and rain? Will the content be remenbered for its interest? YES will be the only answer we accept before publishing a new tour in OH MY WALK!.

And this is how, after extensive working hours, full of passion and curiosity, we are able to offer you a different way of exploring San Sebastian. We are willing to meet you one day in one of our walks and show you the result of this work, so you say: OH MY WALK! :)